Keeping Wildlife Safe 

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Cornell Lab of Ornithology—Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has developed a list of seven ways we can help to protect birds.

  1. Make windows safer day and night.

  2. Keep cats indoors.

  3. Reduce lawn, plant natives.

  4. Avoid pesticides.

  5. Drink coffee that’s good for birds.

  6. Protect our planet from plastics.

  7. Watch birds, share what you see.


Understand the impact of cats on birds.

Learn about the impact of cats on migratory birds and ways to keep birds and cats safe.

Download the American Bird Conservancy’s Solutions for Pet Cats flyer here.

Learn about wildlife rehabilitators’ work with cat-attacked wildlife, courtesy of the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Prevent bird collisions with windows.

American Bird Conservancy Bird Tape can help reduce bird deaths from collisions with windows

This video shows a quick and inexpensive ay to prevent bird collisions with windows: Simple tip to prevent birds flying into windows. The pen used during the video is a Uni-Posca Marker PC-3M Paint Glass Pen Fine Bullet Tip 1.3mm in white, it can be purchased here.

Read about more ways to reduce window strikes from David Sibley here.

Reduce the impact of pesticides on birds.

Learn about the role of pesticides in avian mortality

Find solutions for human-wildlife conflict.

Learn about solutions to common wildlife-human conflicts from WDFW’s Living with Wildlife series. Species fact sheets and solutions to common problems can be found here.

US Fish and Wildlife Service solutions to commons problems and concerns with migratory birds can be found here.

Feeding waterfowl.

Feeding waterfowl can be harmful to birds.

Landscaping to attract birds.

Learn about the benefits of landscaping to attract birds from USFWS here and from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology here.