Infectious Disease Alerts


Dead and Dying Crows—August 23, 2018

From Patricia Thompson, WDFW Rehabilitation Program Manager

The WDFW has received an increased number of reports of deceased crows this summer from the west side of the state.  Three of these crows were sent to the USGS National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC), and two to the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL), where necropsy findings were consistent with crow reovirus. These findings were confirmed via PCR this week (see attached report). This is apparently a highly infectious disease. Note that all of the crows tested to date have been negative for West Nile Virus.

WDFW Recommendation

Euthanize all sick crows that enter your facility


NWHC Request for Carcasses 

The NWHC would like more fresh carcasses from over a larger area of western Washington to test for this virus. If possible, please collect and freeze freshly deceased/euthanized crows for future pick up by WDFW staff. Please inform Dr. Kristin Mansfield ( of any fresh carcasses that you are able to freeze. Note that we have already confirmed this disease in Auburn and in Bothell, so don’t need any additional carcasses from these areas. Carcasses from outside of King and Snohomish counties are being sought at this time. This would be valuable to the WDFW and to NWHC to help us better understand the geographical extent of this disease.